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Commercial Property Information for Restaurants, Delis, Cafes and Bistros in Scotland

Commercial Information

Our aim is to deliver and to inform existing restaurateurs by offering some useful information to assist in your evaluation of a business. There are subtle differences in the law of Scotland and England and therefore some basic knowledge will help when speaking with professional advisors, north of the Border.

When buying or selling there are many factors to be considered. To help with your decision making we have provided links to Government, professional and independent websites known to us which offer the clearest information on specific aspects when dealing in commercial property.


Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT)

For non-residential property transactions, the rate of tax is determined in the same manner as for residential properties but by reference to different rates and bands:

Freehold Rates:

Up to £150,000     LBTT rate  0%

Above £150,000 to £350,000    LBTT rate 3%

Above £350,000   LBTT rate  4.5%


LBTT(S)A 2013 section 24 provides for the calculation and section 59(2) sets out what counts as non-residential property.  For further information and calculator check the website https://www.revenue.scot/ 

Rates Advice (Scotland)

The Scottish Assessors Association (SAA) will be able to provide you with up to the minute information on existing Rateable Values of Commercial Property in all regions throughout Scotland. Bear in mind the Rateable Value is not the Rates Payable, the poundage figure is set each year by the local authority and is usually around half of the Rateable Value figure quoted.

2010 was a revaluation year and this website will provide information on new rateable values for existing tenants and landlords.

Energy Performance Certificates

Otherwise known as (EPC’s) Energy Performance Certificates are required under EU law to be provided and or displayed within public buildings. Introduced for commercial properties in January 2009 an EPC is a document stating the energy efficiency of a building based on its usage. The objective is to provide a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) rating referring to emissions from that space.  It is now a statutory requirement for every commercial property to have an Energy Performance Certificate or Rating before the business or property is marketed.

Nearly every commercial property requires one and once issued is valid for 10 years.  If linking to website below and instructing their services please mention The Restaurant Agency for preferred rates.

In Scotland we have two preferred Energy Performance Certificate providers we recommend.  If contacting either business please mention The Restaurant Agency Ltd:

EPC Options Ltd

Operated by Neil McCreath (MRICS).  For further information and a quote email info@epcoptions.co.uk or contact 07730 941794 or alternatively go to their website:


Commercial Energy Performance

Operated by Roy Hudghton (MRICS).  For further information and a quote email contact@commercial-ep.com or contact 0131 312 8651 or alternatively go to their website:



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